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STUDENT LEADERSHIP  - Daphne's presentations help your organization to have more engaged leaders who are empowered and equipped to take on new roles and opportunities while confidently pushing through challenges in the midst of change

Daphne's Student Leadership presentation clients have represented organizations including:
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June 2019 Daphne at First Serve Boynton
Daphne speaking at Glades Central from s
Glades Central Seniors Pic January 2019.

The 7 Levels of Energy Leadership: High-Impact Strategies That Every Student Leader Can Utilize to Be More Capable and Confident Leaders in the Midst of Both Challenges and Opportunities [Great for retreats and team-building events!]

✓ Understand the 7 types of responses to personal and team challenges and opportunities that impact your ability to lead and empower your team

✓ Gain practical strategies to persevere confidently towards strategic goals, despite challenges or frustrations that might come up along the way

✓ Create a practical, action-packed plan to enhance your leadership capabilities to equip you to make an impact at your university and in the surrounding community

Making WAVES: The Art of Growing Your Influence and Maximizing Your Impact on Campus as an Aspiring or Emerging Leader

✓ Through role play, writing, individual work, and team activities, learn the WAVES approach to growing your influence and impact on campus while enhancing your personal brand through focusing on 1) Your Why, 2) Your Actions, 3) Your Voice/ Communication Style, 4) Your Team Environment, and 5) Your Special Touch

✓ Gain insight on how to take your productivity and performance to the next level

✓ Explore your motivation and working style to create and maintain more open lines of communication towards a dynamic, high-performing team

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