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Christina S., Assistant Director of Rural Initiatives | Undergraduate Admissions
Georgia Institute of Technology

Daphne facilitated such a great session. Our students were engaged and had a really great time exploring the power of motivation, action, and perseverance.

You have kicked off our week of speakers amazingly and I know the scholars are excited to learn much more. Watching you brought joy to my heart as I watched the students participate with smiles and ask thoughtful questions.

You touched all our hearts from scholars to teachers. We could not have asked for a better session!


Carolina M., CEO 

Daphne is fantastic at working within a group setting - somehow, she made it feel like she was speaking one-on-one with you instead of to 20 people!


One of the things I also appreciated was that Daphne has the ability to break down complex subject matter and explain it in simple terms. I never felt lost and certainly felt comfortable asking questions! Plus she's got a very joyful, upbeat personality, so, the training was a lot of fun. I plan on attending other training events she hosts in the future and I highly recommend her services.


Nenelwa T., Fulbright Scholar
University of Mpumalanga

Daphne is a DYNAMIC, engaged, and thorough speaker! 


I recommend Daphne's services wholeheartedly, and look forward to participating in future training sessions!


Kristen C., National Learning and Development Director

As a speaker, Daphne engages the crowd in a way that leaves the audience hanging on to every word. Daphne's spirit and energy are unparalleled.
I will follow her to the end of the earth because I know that anything that she is a part of - it will be phenomenal.
When she puts her mind to something, consider it done.


Chantelle S., CEO | Coach 
The Expectancy Institute

For anyone considering working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, the investment and time you sacrifice to work with Daphne yields a benefit far greater than the sum of the financial cost of coaching. 


When something has got to change in your life or business, and you are ready for something new, Daphne will jump in with you and then push you into becoming your greater self. I highly recommend her services!


Chauncey G., Senior Director of Community Outreach and Engagement 
Florida Sugar Cane League, Inc.

Daphne's approach to coaching is personal and engaged. Not only is she knowledgeable and polished, she is pleasantly positive, energetic, and friendly. I think this is what allows her to be so effective and successful.

Her ability to connect with you on an individual level (even while being a part of a training class) speaks to her high level of training skills.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about my services at or 202-695-2135.

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